Artificial Intelligence

Custom commands

addcustomcommandAdd a custom command.
listcustomcommandsList of all the custom commands.
removecustomcommandRemove a custom command.


addtimerAdd a timer.
listtimersList of all the timers.
removetimerRemove a timer.

Welcome commands

addautoroleAdd a welcome role.
listautorolesList the welcome roles.
removeautoroleRemove a welcome role.
setjoinSet the current channel as welcome channel and set the join message.
removejoinRemove the join message.
setleaveSet the current channel as welcome channel and set the leave message.
removeleaveRemove the leave message.
setverifySet the current channel as verification channel and set the verified member role.
removeverifyRemoves the verification.

Role commands

addroleAdds a role to a member.
removeroleRemove a role to a member.
reactionroleSet reaction roles up.


dailyClaim your daily credits.
dashboardGet the server's dashboard.
getcodeGet your invite code.
inviteGet the invite links of this bot.
membercountGet information about the membercount.
membergrowthGet information about the growth of the members.
whoisGet info about a member.

Moderation commands

banBan a member.
kickKick a member
warnWarn a member
muteMute a member
purgePurge (clear) messages.
sayLet the bot send a message in the chat.
mentionroleSet mentionable of the role, then mention and and remove the mentionable.
setnameSet a nickname of a member.
setprefixChange the prefix of the server.
setcodeSet the user who invited this bot.


workWork for money.
slutSlut for money.
crimeCrime for money.
profileGet your profile.
plantRequest to plant a plant in real life.

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